Be ready for a new and exclusive shopping experience at NilsCubanBirds, the site where the bird's enthusiast will find a wide variety of items that will brighten life and beautify both personal and work spaces. High quality T-shirts, mugs, cell phone cases, wall clocks, cards, and more, are produced with colorful Cuban birds illustrations originally made by renowned artist Nils Navarro.

Nils Navarro is one of the most internationally acclaimed wildlife artists and scientific illustrator in the Caribbean area. A recognized voice in the field of Cuban herpetological and ornithological sciences, Nils is the author of relevant publications as "Endemic Birds of Cuba, A Comprehensive Field Guide”, and “Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Cuba”. He is also an eBird reviewer for Cuba.

Through a refined watercolor technique and a deep knowledge of the island’s nature, Nils surprises us with artwork that displays with amazing realism the great biodiversity and endemism of the Caribbean bird fauna.

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We have also adapted this platform to help fundraising efforts for nonprofit NGOs, specially aimed at bird conservation projects all along the Caribbean.

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